understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“From the Ascended Masters’ Temples of the various Activities of the Jewels of the Sacred Fire and of the Cosmic Light – the condensation of that Cosmic Light Substance – these are the Mighty, Sustaining Activities of the Cosmic Light that is the Great Manifesting Substance by which a world exists.

So when We come from time to time and pour Our Radiation to you and intensify Our Outpouring through the Substance We have created here and placed within the Powers of Nature, it is that a certain proportion of Purity, Eternal Purity, flows continually here in this world in order to sustain it; and in order to have constructive activities in which mankind can function to learn the Great Laws of the Universe, to draw forth the Great Power of Life’s Creative Activities, and to gain the experience here by which each individual becomes an Ascended Being.

So, when you think of Us, when you hear of the Angel Devas, remember always, We are the Cosmic Life’s Activity that is constantly creating that which is constructive and pouring It forth into the Earth, the structure of the Earth, and into people, to fulfill the Great Divine Plan. Whenever you care to accept or call forth individually into yourselves or your affairs the Purifying Power that We are giving and that comes under Our Direction, you may have an individualized Stream of each of these Great Activities anchored in and around you – so long as you accept It, call for It, love It, give It recognition, and let us have a chance to expand It in, through, and around you.

So, Our Gift is continually blessing Life and raising It into something greater and more magnificent in Its Perfection from Our Octave, and Its ever-increasing Happiness to Life in this world.

There are great Departments in the Activities of Nature over which We preside, and through which We are definitely constructing magnificent Beauty and Perfection for the future of this world. You can just as well have more of Our Perfection – and Beauty and Perfection, Beauty and Sacred Fire Love that belongs into the use of mankind; so long as the Divine Plan is being fulfilled, and so long as the desire in life is to do that which is constructive.

The Great Cosmic Law of Life is so wonderful, Beloved Ones, because the moment any desire within an individual is constructive, the Greater Life surrounding the individual will always make every effort to fulfill every constructive desire, give all cooperation, and let It manifest the Divine Plan revealed, so It may lift Life everywhere into greater Perfection and Happiness.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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