understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Precious Saint Germain’s Family, I have come tonight to bring you an Explanation of some of the things the Angelic Host do to help mankind to protect that which is constructive, and to bring the Illumination that must one day take Its Dominion through all Life in this world.

I wish you to understand that from Our Great Temples of the Sacred Fire, there is streaming forth – not only the atmosphere of Earth but coming right into the structure of Earth itself – Great Cosmic Light Rays and Great Cosmic Streams of the Sacred Fire, concentrated at certain places in the structure of the Earth where those Mighty Outpourings continue to flow, to expand, to purify, and to harmonize.

The mass of mankind does not understand this. You have no idea how many of those Mighty Cosmic Activities are anchored into the physical structure of the Earth itself to enable mankind to continue to live and make conscious effort to attain the Ascension. Mankind knows very little about the Great Cosmic Divine Plan and Law of the Life that creates a planet, brings forth the Powers of Nature upon it, and provides conditions here in which mankind may embody.

Now the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, from Their Great Temples of the Sacred Fire which are Their Homes and Focus of Activity throughout Creation, in those Temples of the Sacred Fire there is concentrated the Cosmic Power of the special Activities which They are directing to the Earth, or to this system of worlds.

My Service from the Jade Temple is to intensify the Activity of Purification, because the Jade Temple and the Jade that is placed in the structure of Earth, as it grows through the Powers of Nature, is an Eternally Pure Substance. Jade will not take on the magnetic radiation of impurity from mankind’s feeling. Therefore, We can call forth through that, a continual Flow of Our Purifying Power, the Light Rays and Cosmic Light Substance that continually radiate into outer world conditions, Our Eternal Purity.

If it were not so – that these Great Streams of Cosmic Light Substance and the Sacred Fire – if They were not placed within the structure of Earth itself; if We were to suddenly withdraw that, everything would return to the unmanifest. This is the Divine Plan and Action of Life, the Cosmic Life that surrounds this system of worlds by which manifestation is drawn into existence, is sustained, and goes on expanding its activity while mankind takes embodiment here, to fulfill the Divine Plan of the Ascension.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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