understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“And you can do this by making this Call. If you ask for the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity, to sweep into every big city within this Land, and every day consume all the hatred that has been generated in each city, We can draw that off, and the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet will raise what is constructive within each city into more Power and Activity of the Light; and therefore release from within each life Stream an expansion of the Light that holds Protection and Victory, for that which is constructive.

So, It has a double Blessing to you all, and to the Nation, and to the world. I hope with all My Heart you will set into action with this. And don’t be off guard! When these forces do diabolical things, don’t argue, don’t stop to have any opinions. Just move into action and demand whatever Sacred Fire Purity and Blue Lightning Power from the Great Central Sun is necessary to consume all hate, and to prevent anything and everything that produces violence within your borders!

We will help in every way possible! We will use all the Power at Our Command and do everything the Cosmic Law permits, as you take the Scepter of Power and move into outer conditions by your authority and use of the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity. Charge It into every bit of energy where impurity has gone forth, and let Us see what We can do quickly as possible in the next thirty days. I will give you every Assistance! Our Legions are forever ready, and these Activities can act on the instant.

If you will make an effort to do this, We will appreciate it greatly; for it will enable Us to do more. If you do a certain amount of this yourselves, it will enable us to use more Power than otherwise could come, at this time within your borders.

So, I commend you to the Victory, We want you to have! We know you have the power to make the Call; the Cosmic Law is ready to act; the Sacred Fire is ever available, and We stand ready to amplify It without limit until the complete removal of the sinister force from the Earth puts an end to the frightful discord that has been generated here. We are ever with you and will do everything possible to amplify that which you send forth.

We absolutely demand your Victory, your Protection, and your Invincible Freedom from the desecration intended. Our Legions of the Angels of the Flaming Sword can ever stand around you, and with that Sword in constant motion in every direction, can enfold you in Its Presence. And I assure you, no human creation will ever pass through that Flame!

We offer this to every one of you for your Protection until the Victory of the world is complete, for Eternity. Thank you with all Our Love!”

Beloved Mighty Astrea

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