understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, when conditions that come to your attention every day in the outer world reveal that hatred and criticism and condemnation are being generated here and there and everywhere, it is simply gathering a storm cloud of hate. If every day you will demand all hatred generated in the Nation, the feeling of the people, be wiped out of the Universe every day, you will find the Light will accumulate, and the destructive forces will not be able to gather the Power to do what they want to do.

We have many ways and means of offsetting the plans of the sinister force. By taking away from them the energy by which they do their damage, they will be unable to accomplish their destructive ends. I am hoping that you will experiment with this and enjoy It so much, that you will become experts in calling It into action! Then you do not need to argue. You can, by the Power of the Great Great Silence, you can offset destructive forces until they are completely removed from this world. This is part of the Power of the Great Great Silence.

This is an overwhelming Action of the Sacred Fire. I assure you, It is the Wisdom and the Intelligence of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, and It will enable you to be victorious without that sense of personal fight or antagonism or battle between individuals.

If people would only learn to be silent and call the Sacred Fire Silence into the condition with the demand that it annihilate everything destructive, you would find the “Mighty I AM Presence” of each Life Stream or the Assisting Masters, would handle the conditions around you without drawing you into a vortex of destructive activity, because you are trying to raise the condition out of the control of destructive forces.

So Blessed Ones, It is greater Protection to you all, and It is the action of the Prevention Flame. If you call forth the Prevention Flame from the Great Great Silence to move into every big city in this Nation, and prevent the hate that enables destructive forces to act, It will bless you. It’ll charge you with Its Power, and the very Radiation around you will repel it from your own activities, until the Nation is completely purified.

So, It is a very practical application of the energy of Life. If you particularly will do this each day in each large city so that the accumulation of the people, as they generate discord in outer activities, that accumulation – a certain amount of destructive feeling – is wiped out of existence every day; then it doesn’t reach the place of a storm cloud. Then it doesn’t burst back upon the people as revolution or riots and all that sort of thing.

Your public servants have been sacrificed to much of this hatred, and they have done the best they could to guard against it. The forces are infiltrated into the feeling of the people, and you must stay insulated against that hatred, and you must stay free from connection with the outer physical activities.”

Beloved Mighty Astrea

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