understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I enfold you tonight in such Love from the Angelic Host, in such a World of Their Perfection, that it becomes an Eternal Part of your Life Streams, if you recognize It every day, and dwell within It by Conscious Command; until these Beings reveal Themselves to you face to face in Blazing Light – Their own Bodies a brighter Light; until one day you will touch Them, and Their Tangible Bodies are as visible and tangible and solid as yours.

You may touch the Angelic Host! And when They touch you, Healing is complete on the instant; for the Angels of the Healing Flame bring the World of Their Purity and Love in the Sacred Fire’s Power, in which naught else can exist. And They are ever ready to assist in the Healing of the individuals or the nations or the world.

So, as you dwell within Their World of the Sacred Fire, and you feel Their Tangible Presence with you, it will not be long until They can reveal Themselves within the Light of the Cosmic Christ; and you will know the Cosmic Christ has come to Earth to dwell with those who are to be carried forward to their Ascension.

May you feel the enfolding World of the Sacred Fire of the Angelic Host and Its Cosmic Christ Victory lift you to Freedom wherever you abide. May the Fullness of its Boundless Supply ever bless you with Eternal Perfection. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Godfre

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