understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you ask for the Light of the Angelic Host to fill you and your world, then the Love from the Angelic Host through the Sacred Fire flows within that Light and is held about you as a Garment of Protection, a Wall of Invincible Protection, and the Power of Victorious Accomplishment. So, during the rest of this Conclave, will you, sometime each day, give recognition to the Light and the Sacred Fire which the Angelic Host are privileged to concentrate and give to mankind – for the Assistance which the Angelic Host alone convey. It is Their Service to Life at this time. They are the Custodians of Its Power.

If you ask for the Light and the Sacred Fire of the Love from the Ascended Host to blaze a Sun of Their Presence around you, you will find Their Presence there – very real, very tangible – Their Gifts and Their Control flooding your world with the Perfection which They can bestow.

Blessed Ones, in entering in now to the use of the Sun Presence of the Sacred Fire and Cosmic Light of the Angelic Host, try to feel Its Intense Radiation in and around you. And if you become quiet enough, there comes a thrill in the Stillness of that Sacred Fire that is as real as reality can ever be, and will only leave in you and your world, the Blessings of the Love of the Angelic Host.

Tonight, may Their Sun Presence of Their Hearts Flame’s Love enfold each of you, your beings and worlds, your loved ones, all you hold near and dear in this world – or even in the Octave of Light – until the Blazing Power of the Angelic Host’s Invincible Victory in this world becomes your World in which you live, until the moment of your Ascension.

This also will assist you in the hour of your Ascension because of Its Raising Power of the Sacred Fire within the Love of the Angelic Host, as They offer to you Their Gifts of the Cosmic Christ.”

Beloved Godfre

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