understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Don’t let anyone under this radiation get so arrogant as to say, “Well, I have my ‘Mighty I AM Presence’! I don’t need you or the Ascended Host!” You have had your “I AM Presence” all through the ages, and you forgot you even had It; and you did not even know the Ascended Masters existed until the Mighty Saint Germain brought this Light.

So Blessed Ones, when arrogance arises, the shadows enfold. Now I am here to bring the Light of all the Love the world requires – Light enough to annihilate the hate of the world! Light enough to purify everything in existence can come at Our Command to lift mankind out of the clutches of their own destructive creation, until that creation can be consumed from the Universe, never to touch any other part of Life.

So, as you go forward and accomplish greater and greater Victories in that Light, fail not to hold the Picture of the Sun of Dazzling Light. Now it can be white or silver or gold. It can be violet of blue, occasionally pink.

Now, if you will demand of anything that is shown, “IN THE NAME OF THE ‘MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE’, IN THE NAME OF THE ASCENDED JESUS CHRIST! SHOW ME YOUR LIGHT!” And if that which you see cannot show you a Light, then it is but the manifestation of the hordes of evil pretending to be the Truth of the Light.”

We have given you an infallible means of protecting yourselves and of testing everything that comes to your consciousness; and if you will take your stand to forbid anything to look in your direction but that which is the Truth and the Legions of Light, you will find the Christ in and around you – which your Higher Mental Body is – holds the Cosmic Christ Victory in you, your world, and your affairs.

Now this is a Powerful Strengthening Activity as well as a Protection and an Illumination and a Safeguard against being fooled by hypnotic forces that pretend to be the Real – until they have caught mankind in their clutches and are on the way to destruction.

We are trying with everything the Cosmic Law permits to hold the “I AM” Student Body protected; and the only Protection of that which is constructive is the Power of Light, the Power of the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire does not permit the human to survive. The Light, the Cosmic Light which We project, the Light from the Higher Mental Body, does not permit any shadow to come within It; therefore, it is the annihilation, of that which is of human creation.”

Beloved Godfre

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