understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is My Privilege in the Service to Beloved Saint Germain, to try to guard you with every bit of information the Cosmic Law will permit Us to give. So, no matter what you see in the sleeping state or in the waking state, unless you see what you see in Blazing Light or in a Sacred Fire – which never produces a red glow – what you see, unless it is in Dazzling White Light, should be blasted out of your world.

Now, I am trying with everything I know how, to hold Protection around those under this Radiation, if they will let Me. But your part of the Power of Protection is to, with every atom of your being, when anything is shown to you that is not in Blazing Light, demand its annihilation from the Universe, because it does not come from either your Higher Mental Body or the Ascended Host; therefore, it is not of the Christ.

I want to explain something about this Messenger. When she asks for Truth or Illumination, We flash the Light, and she does not give out anything unless the Light has been flashed. (applause). Thank you, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated, please.

For over thirty years she has been shown the Light – Blazing Suns of Light larger than this room. Suns of Light have stood within the room where her body lay wide awake. That was the preparation of the outer self before this knowledge of the “I AM” came forth from the Mighty Saint Germain. Let no one expect Our Help that doubts what the Light has shown her! Now she stands your champion, as do the rest of Us; but I tell you frankly, if it be necessary, which I hope it is not, to shock certain destructive forces by a release of Light that will shake the bodies until the doubt be gone; if We have to do it, We will do it! But I hope it does not have to be the experience of anyone who has been loved and brought into the Light thus far. So, I send this warning to the defiant forces that have doubted the Light that is the Strength to carry the responsibility that serves only the Light.

Blessed Ones, “I AM” your Champion; and from tonight, if you will be dynamite against everything that is not the Ascended Masters’ Truth of Eternal Light, the Ascended Masters’ Invincible Truth of the Sacred Fire, the Ascended Masters’ Invincible Sacred Fire Control of all you ever contact, that Sacred Fire will enfold you. Within It is the Light which will reveal to you, Inner and outer, whatever is necessary for you to know from time to time. And that will as certainly protect you and supply you and heal you, as you give It recognition and call It into action. It is a Gift that the whole world put together cannot give. But the Ascended Hosts are necessary for mankind’s Freedom; otherwise, We would have gone on centuries agone, to Higher Accomplishment and the creation of systems of worlds.”

Beloved Godfre

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