understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the Mighty Blessings that have come to you from the Magnificent Beings who have loved you so much, and loved you so long, and have been so patient with you throughout the ages; those Beloved Ones have called Us into outer action to more quickly fulfill your Calls and to establish a stronger Guard about your activities.

From the Heights of Creation ever flows the Light of Eternal Love, and because mankind have created shadows in the human distress of the outer world, then the hours strikes when there must come from Heights incalculable, the descent of the Beings of the Sacred Fire, the descent of the Light of Eternal Love, and the descent of Power that is at once – instantly in full Command.

So, as We offer you from Our Great Realm, the Power of the Angelic Host, try to feel It very tangible within your own feeling world. Try to absorb It and feel the Light of Our Power. Try to dwell within It, even though in the midst of outer chaos; and you will find ever abiding by your side, those Beings who love you and who love to protect you as you move forward in greater activity, to release the blessings that you are yet to give mankind en masse.

You are the Open Door through whom Great Blessings will come to the people of Earth, and I am one of the Guardians of that Door. At the present time I guard It alone, but there are others, who are in Cosmic capacity, also the Guard of that Open Door, if a Guard is required. You represent that Open Door to mankind, so there must flow through, the Light from Our Octave, that Love alone creates.

So, if you listen for the Harmonies from Our Octave, as you hear Them, you will see the Light. Our Love sings Its way through Creation and ever produces the Luminous Beauty of everything that will bless mankind. And not one shadow comes forth from those who dwell within Our Realm!”

Beloved Listening Angel

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