understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of God’s Heart, I come in response to the request of the Cosmic Law, and I bring to you Activities of the Angelic Host that I trust will make your way easier, and leave with you the Blessings that Love wants you to have. May you feel the Reality and the Power of those Activities of the Angelic Host which are ever awaiting an opportunity to bring Manifestations into the physical world that establish Perfection for Eternity.

Great is the Love of those Mighty Beings! And Great is the opportunity for Their Assistance to mankind, when some will give Them the attention of the outer self – and the Call of the Heart for Their Love from Their Realm of Life – to come and abide with the children of Earth, that they may know what the Love of the Mighty Heart of Creation means to the universe around them.

It is My Privilege to open the Door into Our Realm of Light. I trust you will be conscious of Its more Dazzling Presence ever about you. May you feel Its Healing Radiance and Love to command in this world, all that you contact to yield to you the Perfection of God.

The Realm of the Angelic Host is Magnificent and Beautiful and Powerful beyond anything that We can describe to you; but We want you to feel, through your own feeling world, the Power of Our Light which is Our Love from the Great Central Sun, brought to Earth to assist those who look Godward, and are trying to reach up and hold to Perfection. The Power of the Angelic Host is that always of Love, and the Sacred Fire which is the Concentration of that Love into outer action comes forth ever at Our Command, to render Assistance wherever possible.

And now, since it is My Privilege to have come into the lower atmosphere of Earth, I bring to you the Blessings and the awareness of those of the Angels and the other Beings of the Angelic Host, who are awaiting an opportunity to clothe you with Power for more conscious cooperation. I trust you will feel Our nearness! I trust you will use the Light of Our Love in your outer activities; and I trust We shall make you feel Our Presence frequently, even in the midst of outer turmoil.

The Sacred Fire and the Eternal Light of the Love from Our Great Realm of Life is ever seeking an onward Path through mankind in this world, where We may establish Our Perfection to take Its Dominion in the outer world’s activities, until all behold Us, face to face.”

Beloved Listening Angel

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