understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Life is full of Miracle Powers, and We have offered Them day after day after day, through these Dictations – and the Great Angelic Host and the Cosmic Beings and the Ascended Ones offered you solution after solution of your outer problems. You have had Blessing after Blessing without limit, and there is an infinite amount more! There’s no limitation to the Blessings of the Universe! There is nothing to say you nay, when you come through Love.

All it takes is for you to open the door from your side of life by love to the Greater Life, to have everything the Greater Life has to flood into your world, and make you master over the limitations. You will never find a substitute for the Greater Life and the Greater Love of those Beings who are the Guardians of the Earth and the Saviors of mankind. You may search the world over.

You may think for Eternity, and unless Love from the Unfed Flame in your Heart comes to the Greater Life in the Universe – the Greater Activity of the Sacred Fire – the Expanding Power of Life cannot go on. The natural Expansion of the Unfed Flame in your Hearts, which is the Expansion of the Perfection of the Universe from within your own life, cannot go on without the assisting Love of the Greater Life.

So, since you have been held within the Glory and the Blessings of the Secret Love Star ever since the Mighty Saint Germain brought this Light forth, you have been cradled, as it were, within the Light Rays and the Sacred Fire of Our Love. If you will call It into action in and around yourselves, and then demand that Its Authority be the only Authority in the outer world of mankind, that hate may cease to be and the shadows of human distress be annihilated, then your willingness to draw that into outer action will automatically perfect you and your world.

Your world has to be perfected by the Sacred Fire of Our Love, and if it were not so, you would have been perfected long ago. It matters not who wants to do it or who doesn’t want to! It doesn’t make any difference who agrees with Us or doesn’t agree with Us. There’s only one thing that can stop distress and put Perfection in its place forever, and that is the Sacred Fire of Eternal Love. (applause). Thank You Precious Ones.”

Beloved Messenger Number One

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