understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Since you are moving in the atmosphere that is loaded with hate, and the filth and the discord of mankind, and you do not like it, well then, it is reasonable to suppose that you will turn your attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and to Us and receive the Power to change the condition! If you are hungry and you need to go buy food, you go to the grocery store or the restaurant, and you have no difficulty in gathering what you want to fulfill your requirement.

And since the world must have the Fire of Our Love in order to be purified from its hate, then those of you who understand this Law can call that forth into outer action and should have no trouble feeling the Manifestation and watching It perform the Miracles in the physical world. I want you to know how near is the Miracle Power of the Universe! I want you to know what you can have just by turning your attention to your “Presence” and to Us, and making the Call!

I think Life is very wonderful in the ways and means It has provided to lift mankind out of the deliberately chosen, self-created distress and degradation and dishonor. Life is very good to you, Dear Ones, very good to you! Life is far better to mankind than mankind are to life!

There is no such thing as an innocent misuse of life. Everyone deals with life every instant of Eternity, and always will. Therefore, if you choose to turn your attention and your Love to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and to Our Life in the Secret Love Star, I assure you, Our Life will come back to you with all the Blessings at Our Command; and each of you could abide in a World of the Light and the Sacred Fire from the Secret Love Star. You can have It in your homes, in your minds, your bodies, your worlds, your business – you could move insulated in that at all times, if you choose to make the Call!

So, in entering into this Explanation tonight, it is with the hope that you may become more and more aware of the Magnificent Beings from the Secret Love Star, whose Love to the Earth could melt mankind’s human creation almost overnight, if the mass of the people knew and would love and call to the Source, that can set them Free.”

Beloved Messenger Number One

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