understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is no Activity of the Sacred Fire comes to this Earth without the Guarding Presence of the Angelic Host. That is to keep the Sacred Fire insulated within the Substance of Eternal Purity from Our Octave, and that acts as an insulation, or a division between the energy in the atmosphere of Earth, and the intensifying action of the Sacred Fire within the Flame that is projected.

Now since the mass of mankind do not understand or know of the Reality and Blessing from the Secret Love Star, there is not much receptivity or acknowledgment of It by conscious choice of the free will in the mass of the people. Therefore, those of you who have been drawn under this Radiation and have been given some explanation of this Secret Love Star – if you will give Us this Assistance – can have individually infinitely more of Its Power than you realize.

As the Mighty Saint Germain told you, during the time of the Manifestation of Beloved Jesus upon the Earth, the Rays from the Secret Love Star only touched the Earth around the land of Judea; and that was again to keep insulated the Power that came with Beloved Jesus, to be that which brought the Victory of His Accomplishment into Manifestation in the physical octave. It was His Protection, and the Purifying Activity into the atmosphere in which He moved, to enable His Work to be accomplished and certain Records made in the atmosphere.

Now, for the first time in history of this world, the Rays from the Secret Love Star are enfolding the entire Earth, regardless of the hatred of mankind’s generation over the past. These Light Rays are intensifying and expanding, as well as enfolding the planet. Hour by hour the Light becomes brighter! Hour by hour the Sacred Fire becomes more intense in the lower atmosphere of Earth, and It must interpenetrate the ground itself in order to hold certain Forces of Nature in balanced control, when certain other Activities take place.

Therefore, individually, each of you may have a Stream of that Light, or Its Enfolding Flame, as you choose, to be held ever about you for any specific purpose that you call It forth – so long as that purpose fulfills the Divine Plan and renders Service to the mass of mankind. You as individuals, can have individual Light Rays, or individual Flames of Its Love about you if you call that forth for the annihilation of all hate, and the release of all life from that which is not Light, is not the Love of the “Presence”.

Now let Me show you! As you call this in and about yourselves and you ask your “Presence”, your own “Beloved I AM Presence”, to take advantage of that and use it in the most powerful way possible, many things will occur in your experiences that will surprise you greatly, but which will bless you infinitely and forever.

As you are willing to make yourselves an open door for this Mighty Outpouring – individually to you, as well as to the planet, in your Calls for the Freedom of mankind from that which is not the Love of Eternity – then your “Beloved I AM Presence” is given a very much greater opportunity in Its Service to the world to intensify the Power that consumes the hate of the world.”

Beloved Messenger Number One

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