understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Sacred Fire, We come tonight to again intensify the feeling and realization within you of that Magic Power of the Universe, that Eternal Miracle Power of Love that is the Master Control – the Master Hand that governs manifestation that produces Perfection for all, everywhere. And in entering into the use of Its Cosmic Fire, the Great Sacred Fire of Its Invincible Victory everywhere in this world, try to feel that you are becoming a part of Its Mighty Outpouring to the Earth; and at any time when you give It recognition, you can feel yourselves walking within a Ray directly from Its Presence to the Earth.

As you feel yourselves enfolded in the Great Ray of Light from Its Heart, which is in reality part of the Sacred Fire, there can come in and about you a Radiance. As you intensify this by your attention to It, It will become a Peace-commanding Presence to those about you. As It is continued, there comes a soft Radiance around the body, as you live more and more within your Conscious Awareness of Its Mighty Outpouring to you.

The Angelic Host from the Secret Love Star are the Guardians of those Light Rays and those Activities of the Sacred Fire, which We direct to the Earth. Therefore, as you ask for this to be made a permanent part of you and your world, and invite those of the Angelic Host who are the Guardians of this Power, you will find Them becoming Real Friends in your outer activities, and a Real, Tangible Presence that often will throw a Radiance about you, that will shut off many conditions that heretofore have seemed difficult for you to control or to repel from your world.

The Secret Love Star is a Focus of a certain Activity of the Sacred Fire of that Eternal Love to the Earth, which continues to give and give and give Its Sacred Fire into various locations in order to be the Strengthening, Purifying, Harmonizing Activity in certain localities, to hold that which is constructive in command of certain Powers in the atmosphere about you.

The Light Rays from the Secret Love Star, as well as Its Sacred Fire, come to Earth to interpenetrate the consciousness of the mass of mankind, as well as their feeling world. It penetrates the physical atmosphere in the Activity of the Sacred Fire.

But when the Assistance is given to those who are constructive, or trying to hold to the constructive way of Life, the Light Rays are used about an individual to gradually intensify the Luminosity of the atmosphere about the physical body, because the “Presence” of each individual – ever awaiting an opportunity to raise the vibratory action of the outer self – continually pours forth Light Rays much as you would pour water through a sponge to change its quality.

The Light Rays that come from the Secret Love Star carry within Them principally the Activity of Illumination to both the substance of the body – to the mental and feeling world – and the atmosphere itself. The Activity of the Sacred Fire from the Secret Love Star is directly projected by those who govern Its Outpouring, and the Angelic Host are the Guardians of the Power of that Flame, because about the Flame ever has to be held an insulating Substance of the Love from the Angelic Host.”

Beloved Messenger Number One

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