understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We want you to have both this Protection and the Happiness and the Supply that Life is ever willing to give and is surging – trying to give It into the outer use of all who will use It constructively. In this respect, as you hold closer to your “Presence” and demand Its Love and Purity guard everything that is God’s Gift to Life, then you will find unfolding to your outer consciousness – step by step – the next accomplishment that your “Presence” wishes to manifest in the outer; and each one will bring you greater Happiness than the one before.

But after you manifest it, there must come the Power that protects it for future use of the rest of Life. And that is an Honor from Life Itself to the lesser Life, that it may forever carry forward the Blessings from above to the Universe around you, for the Freedom and greater Happiness of Life everywhere.

So, may the Flame of Love from My Heart be the Mantle of Protection about you all; for I, too, am Honor-bound to guard the Mighty Saint Germain’s Work and Activity in the physical world in the civilization that he wants to manifest within this Nation of His Heart.

And you, His Loved Family, may I say, I shall ever stand and guard and honor every Trust, He gives Me in My Effort to help Him bring within this Nation the Perfection that is to expand here forever; for the Gifts He gives now to become a permanent part of this world will never again be touched by the discord of man. They are to remain this time as part of the Heaven on Earth that is to become the permanent condition of this world.

May My Love ever be a Mantle about you and keep you aware of all that you can have; and your Call to the Angelic Host bring Them closer to you until They give you all that he wants you to have from Them, as his Blessed Messengers of Love and Light and Purity and Freedom, and Peace to the Earth.

Thank you forever for your love of the Light! Now, may all that Love can give bring you greater Light, until you are able to give It to all, because your own Radiation is just naturally Self-luminous wherever you abide! Thank you forever! Good night.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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