understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, it is an Honor to guard the Love that sets you Free. Surely people should understand that in the intellect, and automatically feel it and know it in the feeling body! So will each of you try to make that clear to others. And whether there is some particular position of authority or not, matters not.

Everyone who has received this Knowledge and has received the Blessings which It brings is Honor-bound unto the Law of Life to be the Guardian of It, to keep It pure and uncontaminated by mankind’s concepts; and to use It to expand the Perfection and Purity of Life that lifts the rest of Life to Greater Purity and Freedom!

I want to make this clear, because greater Gifts will be given you, and the Law will expect you to guard Them. The Law will expect you to understand that a Trust by Life is an Honor to God. So, if you will feel that, We can bring you many, many, many more Blessings by Powers that, as yet, you cannot quite draw into your outer direction.

If the whole Student Body will understand this, and feel it their Sacred Duty to honor and protect the Knowledge that has come from the Mighty Saint Germain, and others of the Ascended Host and the Angelic Host called in and around you – and all your Group Activities, to guard Them against anything that is of dishonor or misunderstanding – then the Cosmic law, if It sees that you are faithful in a few things, will make you Master over many!

We are awaiting the opportunity to give you more hourly, that there may be more Power in the physical world to be the attraction to mankind, that raises them into greater Freedom of their own “Blessed I AM Presence.”

These Great Beings that Life provides to ever guard Its Divine Gifts to mankind are Real! They are provided by Life to guard the Great Gifts of Its own Expanding Consciousness and Perfection. Therefore those who receive Its Knowledge, automatically under the Cosmic Law become the Guardians of Its Expanding Perfection. And that is an Honor – when Life trusts you with the opportunity to guard Its Divine Gifts to the Universe!

So, if you will, appreciate that, and then make it clear to everyone under the Radiation that everybody is a Guardian of this Law to keep It pure, clear, and uncontaminated by mankind’s concepts! You don’t have to have the Messenger say, “Well, you’re ‘thus and so’ – somebody else is ‘thus and so’.”

Life automatically gives you the Divinest of Itself. And that is an Honor which Life expects you to guard, that you may have a Greater Gift. And then the Gift, as you give It to someone else, if you keep It pure and protected, will forever go on rendering Its Service to Life. And Life will come back and bless you infinitely everywhere you abide.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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