understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I’ve wanted you to understand this tonight, because as you call more of the Angelic Host to ever abide in and around each of you and your loved ones, your homes, your Study Groups, your Temples; Dear Ones, don’t fail to call the Angelic Host – all who can come to you – to fill and surround your Temples and your Study Groups and your Reading Rooms, and wherever this Magnificent Truth that the Mighty Saint Germain and the Great Ones have given you is held in Guard, to render Its Service to mankind. And when people, unfortunately, do not value the Trust that Life has given them, it is unfortunate indeed!

It is an Honor, My Dear Ones, to be given the Trust of Life, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, to guard a Focus of the Ascended Masters’ Activity, and to guard the Gift They have given to be used in the Service of the Light. It is an Honor, and I would like everyone under this Radiation to understand that each one, because of the Truth you have been given, and the Assistance that has come to you from the Ascended Host in this Activity of the “I AM”, each of you is a Guardian of the Gift that has been given to you, and through which you have received the Blessings that you have thus far.

So, whether you are in a so-called position of authority or not, does not mean that you’re not a Guardian of this “I AM” Activity, to hold It Sacred and untouched by the depraved forces of the outer world.

Each one who has been blessed by the Mighty Saint Germain through the Knowledge He has given, is Honor-bound unto the Law of Life to be a Guardian of the Trust that Life has given – when It has poured forth the Truth of the Cosmic Law and the Radiation of Love and Purity and Power from the Ascended Masters, by which the individual may attain His Ascension, and be the Channel to carry this Light to help others be Free in the Ascension also.

So, everyone who has the Knowledge and has been blessed by having the Love and Assistance of the Ascended Host, is automatically expected to honor the Trust of knowing this Law and using Its Power in the physical octave, to become Free.

So don’t let anyone take the stand, “Well, I haven’t been appointed, or I haven’t been the one who is supposed to have the authority – somebody else has got the authority – I’m not, and so on!”

Well, let Me tell you, everyone is entrusted by Life, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Ascended Host, with the Trust of guarding the divinest of things that Life can give in the Universe, and that’s the Knowledge of the “Beloved I AM Presence”! (applause). Thank you, Beloved Ones. Won’t you be seated please.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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