understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Perfection of the two first Golden Ages contained no discord or imperfection of any kind. Those two Golden Ages were the Perfection of Life that is coming down into manifestation.

Now, after the world is purified and cleansed, and mankind that are left here turn to God and are willing to give the Obedience, you will find, as the Golden Age proceeds, certain numbers of the Angelic Host who have never taken embodiment in the physical world on any planet, will begin to take embodiment in the physical world, to gain their experience life through the Harmony of that which is to become permanent to the Earth, and then attain their Ascension – Harmonious all the way through.

Now some of the Angelic Host are Ascended, and some are not. Some have been through the whole series of physical embodiments, and some have never come into physical embodiment. And since They know only the Service of the Love of the Sacred Fire, some have refused to come into embodiment until conditions are purified.

Those who are Angel Devas and the Archangels have been through physical embodiments. Some of the Angels have, and some of Them have not. The Cherubim and Seraphim have not embodied in this world. They often come as Guardians of some Focus of the Sacred Fire, and They guard that with Their Love; but They are of very Great Power and Purity, whose Love alone is the only Quality that They have within Themselves, or that They can possibly manifest. They cannot manifest anything but the most Powerful Outpouring of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire.

These Blessed Beings are real. They are Eternal! They are provided by Life to guard the Manifestations of Beauty and Perfection that Love alone can create, that Love alone can sustain, and that Love alone can expand to ever Greater Perfection in Cosmic Manifestation.

I want you to know something of this because the more you can recognize the Angelic Host, the more you can call Their Assistance to you; the more you can feel Their Closeness by the Love you send to Them, the closer They can come to you. And the closer They come into the outer atmosphere of Earth, the lower atmosphere, the more will the Radiation of Their Purity, Their Love, and Their Activity of the Sacred Fire hold Harmony and Protection around you.

So, They are of Powerful Assistance to help guard all constructive activities, and give the Protection and Strength to those who are making the effort through this frightful time of outer chaos. When you are making the effort to hold to the God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, these Great Beings, if given recognition, are willing at all times to do for mankind, things they cannot do for themselves.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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