understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When people get caught up in the psychic plane and begin to see things, because they see them doesn’t mean that they are the Eternal Truth of Existence by any means! I want to give this information tonight for your Protection. When people come and claim they can do those things, you have the Knowledge of the Truth of the law, so don’t believe them!

If you want to fulfill the Akashic Record of your own Life Stream and out-picture Its Manifestation that brings Eternal Happiness and Perfection and Beauty to all the Universe, then call your “Beloved I AM Presence” to fulfill Its own Divine Plan through you and manifest the Ascended Masters’ Perfection everywhere in this world. And just do that with great Devotion and Humility and Love and Purity to your “Presence”, and don’t brag about it!

This is a very Sacred Power. The purer and more obedient the outer self, the more the “Presence” will naturally fulfill Its own Divine Pattern through you in the outer; till the outer self becomes more like the Higher Mental Body until the two blend into one.

If I were you, I would take the stand that your Higher Mental Body stand your guard, annihilate all destructive etheric records, and never let you see one! Then you will have certain Protection. But if you become curious about the etheric record of someone else, you’ll certainly step into deep water from which you will not extricate yourself, because people do these things of their own Free Will.

And if they open themselves to that attunement, even an Ascended Master will not close the door – because they do it of their own Free Will, in deliberate defiance to the Knowledge and Truth of the Law that has been told mankind throughout all ages, from the very beginning.

There is no time through the centuries in which mankind have not been told the Eternal Truth of the Law of the whole Universe, and the conditions that are manifesting today, are created deliberately by defiance against that which was the Truth given in the beginning, by which all manifestation could have been kept the Perfection of the Ascended Masters’ Octave.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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