understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, when you hear Us, or sometimes others, speak of the Akashic Records, that is a different thing. The Akashic Records are of the Universe, and They are recorded in the Eternal Light Substance that abides throughout Creation. They hold the Eternal Divine record of that which is to be and does not take destructive records.

That is simply the location, so to speak, of the Divine Plan of Creation, and contains for all time ahead – aeons of time – that which is to be manifested in a system of worlds and in an individual Life Stream, because that is the Pattern that is also contained within the Heart Flame of your Electronic Body and the Higher Mental Body of your “Blessed I AM Presence”. That is also contained within the permanent atom of your own heart. Now that will not take destructive records.

Sometimes people who do not understand the difference between these two ways and means of recording what has occurred in outer manifestation, many times call the etheric record, the Akashic Record. But they are not the same, and I want to make that clear tonight, so you will not become confused when We begin to call forth at a certain time, the Akashic Records of that which must come into being, as the Incoming Civilization that is to become permanent in this world – beginning first in the United States of America.

Now then, the Akashic Record of each one’s own Life Stream, if you will keep the outer-self alert, will unfold within you from time to time by the Command of the Higher Mental Body; and you will just naturally build Its Perfection out here, when the outer self is kept purified and obedient to the Requirements of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

But let Me make this clear to you: unascended beings, through certain attunement, can read, sometimes, the etheric record. But they cannot read the Akashic Record. Only an Ascended Being can read for centuries ahead, the Records of Life and that which is to be.

So, don’t let anybody claim to read the Akashic Record. When they do, just know they are not telling you the Truth – unless it be an Ascended Being. The only record that the outer self can read or see, is the etheric record. Sometimes it is constructive and sometimes it is not. And that’s where the trouble comes.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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