understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, through the centuries, My Loved Ones, people have wanted to fulfill the Divine Plan, and they have wanted to, very sincerely. And then when the opportunity was offered, they were not strong enough to do it. It’s like a little child wanting to be an athlete before it grows up. But now, with these Calls and your Acknowledgment of the Victory which you want here, then when you acknowledge that you are the Law, then the Law acts in you with whatever Power is necessary to produce that Victory.

If you begin to acknowledge, “‘I AM’ the Law of the Victorious Christ which I desire manifest here in outer physical action”; then Dear Hearts, if you were not quite as strong as you should be to produce that manifestation, the strength would come into you in order to produce the Fulfillment of your Acknowledgment of the Law’s Authority in the physical octave.

When you acknowledge the Law of the Victorious Christ, well then, Precious Ones, your own energy has gone forth vibrating with the Call and that desire. And since you are acknowledging, when you say the “Victorious Christ”, the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan of your own Higher Mental Body, it would automatically pour into you the strength or whatever was necessary to fulfill Its own Divine Plan – when you begin to demand that It is Victorious here through you.

Now this will be of tremendous benefit in healing, Precious Ones. You can give tremendous Healing and Peace by this Call. If your loved ones are in distress, and you wish to give that assistance to Life; and you demand the Flame of Victorious Peace of Eternity to enter into the flesh structure and become the Purity, the Strength, the Love, and the Power to correct a condition, it will be so. We want you to have this Freedom.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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