understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Please acknowledge, Precious Ones, in everything you do, acknowledge the Victory you want, because that Acknowledgment is, in reality, the manifestation of what you desire; and when that becomes deeply enough set as a habit, it will bring almost instantaneous outpicturing in the physical octave. If you want Peace to become permanent, then you must DEMAND THE VICTORY OF THE PEACE OF ETERNITY!

I’m saying this with force tonight, because the Peace mankind have had from time to time came from Our Great Love and Our Great Realm of Life. But it was not qualified as Eternal; It was not acknowledged as Victorious over all in this world. Hence It came, and when mankind felt discordant, they rebelled against It and drove It away.

But when you begin your Demand for the Flame of the Victorious Peace of Eternity descend into a condition where the human seems to be, and take Its Dominion there with Full Power, then it will be almost like drawing individual Suns of Flame here and there into the substance that has been qualified with darkness.

But do acknowledge It as the Victorious Peace of Eternity, the Flame of Victorious Peace of Eternity. And if within yourselves sometimes there seems strain or stress that is disturbing, and you’ll stop for just a moment and you give that Acknowledgment, “I AM” the Law of the Victorious Peace of Eternity – you will find scarcely before you get through saying the Words, the rate of vibration which that is in the Universe, has released through you – and you will begin to feel quiet.

You will feel things stilling, and the clearness coming that will enable you to have the harmony to think clearly, to see ahead, and to know unmistakably the Divine Plan; and then to be for you the Strength in yourselves to fulfill that Plan.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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