understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Legions of the Seraphim who guard these very intense Activities of the Sacred Fire are awaiting every channel of service that it is possible to give at this time. But since mankind know so little about Them, and most people doubt of Their very existence, they do not have very much opportunity to draw into the physical octave, these greater Activities of the Sacred Fire that otherwise could come and be a greater Consuming Power to discordant conditions.

But if you will accept Them as Real, you will find Their Blessing is Real. If you demand these Flames, be made Eternal where you call Them forth, when the Intensity of that Power reaches a certain point, They will be permanently established.

The Great Cosmic Law is using every conceivable opportunity to draw into the physical world as much as possible these more Magnificent Powers from the Great Realms of the Sacred Fire, in order to help those who seek the constructive way of life to be strong enough and to stand against that which seeks to engulf them.

But since “I AM” Peace to the Earth and it is My, not only prerogative, but My Responsibility at a certain point, to establish this Flame throughout a certain proportion of the Earth, in order to make Peace permanent to the world; therefore, I shall appreciate greatly every Call you make to have – now mark My Words – the Immortal Flame of My Victorious Peace take the place of everything that comes to your attention that is disturbing.

Wherever you can stop long enough to make the Call silently and demand this Flame come forth, We shall see that It does come forth! But the Demand must be made in the physical octave, and then the Flame does the rest. And since those of you who have made some Calls to the Great Cosmic Christ Legions of the Guarding Seraphim, it is in Answer to that Call that We hope to accomplish much through this Acknowledgment and this Decree.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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