understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Light, I trust I may adopt you and call you “My Legions of Peace”! That’s quite an honor you know, and if you can live up to it, it will be the most wonderful experience for you. I shall show you now, what that means in the outer world, because I’m going to ask you that wherever there seems to be turmoil or mistakes or problems, demand a Flame of My Victorious Peace to come forth where the discord seems to be, and be established there for Eternity.

Now if you will call these Flames into outer physical action – I mean into the physical octave – to act in physical conditions under your authority, and ask Them to be made Eternal, there are certain of the Legions of the Sacred Fire who are ready at hand and are awaiting the opportunity, to bring as much of this Activity of the Sacred Fire, into the lower physical octave as soon as possible.

This is a stabilizing, powerful Action, and much of it comes under the Guardianship of the Seraphim. I want you to feel deeply tonight your intense love to the Seraphim of Peace; for They are the Guardians of these Flames which We are hoping through your Calls to, as you might say, “plant” permanently into the physical octave wherever you call Them forth.

Unless something of this sort is done, Precious Ones, where We can draw a very great Power of the Sacred Fire into the outer physical octave; unless there is an intensity of that Flame drawn into the physical world, the constant surging of discord is such a continual disturbance, that wherever individuals do maintain a certain amount of harmony, it is not left undisturbed long enough to let it become a permanent action in the locality where you desire it to be. And it is to bring a greater Guard around all of you, that We are offering this tonight.”

Beloved Elohim of Peace

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