Grateful Day, Everyone…

Ascended Master Youth quote 11

“Our Hearts rejoice at the prospects in Europe and the Orient! Oh, Beloved Ones, with all the feeling of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, pour forth a Call for the Complete Victory of Peace there!

Do you know what it would mean if suddenly all war in Europe and the Orient would stop under this momentum which is gained? A Transformation almost inconceivable would take place in mankind, because you have the Great Power of the Cosmic Light surging forth at regular intervals now!

Strange, is it not – I mean just to the human concept – how it has been so regulated. The Messengers knew nothing about it; the Staff knew nothing about it; and yet the beginning of these Classes has been so regulated by the Power of Light.

Beloved Ones, I think I shall say just a word to the Staff. I am wondering in My Heart today, if the Beloved Staff realize the Sacred, Infinite Privilege which is theirs. I shall leave that to them. It is wonderful! It is wonderful, Dear Hearts; and they are precious ones, that Staff. They may not know it, but We know how precious they are. Therefore, so do We know how precious everyone is.

You may not always realize that, but We never waver in that knowing, the certain consciousness of that, because We see only your Light! We do not see human mistakes, nor are We concerned with them; but We see your Light and your Perfection always, and that Light which is really YOU – your Victory, My Victory in you, of the Light! I thank you.” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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