Grateful Day, Everyone…

Ascended Master Youth quote 10

“You cannot have success without Harmony maintained in your feeling world! Many times, people rebel because they are apparently financially limited. Back in their Life Streams is the only cause. There must have been irritation and rebellion – maybe criticism and condemnation for one reason or another; and that quality is there pushing away from them the money supply they require.

In every case of that kind, if those blessed individuals would call the “I AM Presence” into action with great firmness, to charge Its Violet Consuming Flame through their bodies and worlds – especially their feeling worlds – with dynamic power to dissolve and consume whatever quality is repelling their supply, they would find things would begin to pour in, instead of being pushed away. It is surely the remedy to overcome the so-called financial limitations of any human being!

Beloved Ones, your love is so great, please do not blame anyone else ever again for anything whatever! Just please don’t do it and see how quickly your blessed world will come into Divine order; and then you will see all the proof your hearts require that your Freedom is at hand.

I trust your joy is as great as Mine today! I can’t tell you how I love every one of you and all of our young people in America. Mark you, I shall find some means of reaching our young people in the Tangible Form! I shall find some means of reaching them in great numbers, so their attention goes to their “I AM Presence” of Life and be held there firmly!

Since We have seen and found this response of mankind, do you think there is anything in the world We would not do to make this expand with Limitless Power? If We can go this far in the remedying of these conditions among mankind, then We can go on to the Complete Victory; and won’t you all join Us in that Great Consciousness?” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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