understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now take time, Precious Ones, in your daily activities, take time to go somewhere alone for five minutes and just still that outer, and then turn and call our Immortal Power of the Angels of Blue Flame, whose Love is indescribable and can heal and can control anything. They have never been human, the majority of Them at least. They are Special Beings created to intensify that Love in the Blue Flame and focus It, to give Its Boundless Blessings wherever They are loved and drawn into outer Action by Conscious Command. They live to do the Will of Love.

Therefore, you who call Them forth into outer action by the Immortal Power of My Love and Authority, you are very welcome, very welcome to Their Special Activities tonight! You might call Them My, shall I say, “pet Angels”, because I need Them and use them so much! They are quite fond of doing My Will!

So tonight, as I offer you this Reminder, to use the Immortal Power of Their Love of the Blue Flame, you shall have very delightful results. Don’t be afraid to use It! It can never do anything to you but that which makes you happy. And what It does to the sinister force, is the sinister force’s education! (laughter).

Poor, benighted individuals who say there is no God, when they leave those bodies this time, will face that which will cure them of that attitude for all time to come! (applause). Precious Ones, thank you with all My Heart.

But do you know, Beloved Ones, tonight, the Earth has been through this same thing time and time and time and again. This time, thanks to your Beloved Saint Germain and the Strength of that Blessed Godfre – (applause); thank you Precious Ones. Thanks to the Strength of Our Beloved Godfre, (applause), and to the Love of the Mighty Beloved Sanat Kumara, the end of that thing has come upon the Earth now. (applause). Thank you, Precious Ones. While for some it might be strenuous for a time, yet the Powers of Nature will sigh with relief when that is finished!

May this night bless you with the Power of My Love Immortal, the Immortal Power of that Blue Flame of such Love as only Those who have become Its Presence can ever know, and whose Happiness is yours for Eternity. It is My Immortal Gift to you all, Precious Ones.

And because of the mighty Service you’ve rendered, I bear the Gratitude of the Ascended Host to you all. May you go on as the Victors of the Immortal Love whose Cosmic Authority and Immortal Power comes now upon the Earth to take Its Dominion, this time in Full Cosmic Action! (applause). My Precious Ones, thank you tonight with all My Heart forever. Won’t you be seated please.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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