understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Resistance, My Dear Ones, due to human discord in the physical octave, can be crashed easily. That which you must call forth – the Light of your own Life to pass through in the great Natural Law of the unfoldment of your Life – that is another thing. The Light just penetrates that and takes you through happily. This word “crash” that you were using tonight, has a certain Power of its own. Everyone receives a certain feeling when you use that word, because it does carry within it a certain action with which the human, or the outer intellectual consciousness, is quite familiar.

You know, when one is very determined, you use the expression, “Well, he crashed the gates!” That means you broke through the barriers. When a thing crashes it breaks into pieces, doesn’t it? Well then, it’s been demolished so far as its action is concerned. You have shut off its action. Please hold this picture through these Decrees tonight, that that Power may go forth into certain channels and act in its most needed way! Aren’t you feeling stronger already? (applause).

Precious ones, while you are standing, just a moment, feel yourselves like a Cup receiving this Outpouring – to give you ten times more than you have sent forth tonight. (silence).

Isn’t it amazing what the atomic structure will do? Isn’t it amazing what changes can take place in a few moments? You’ve had the experience tonight! One moment you are in those intense Decrees – the next moment you are at Peace. Isn’t that wonderful? The outer world can’t do that for you! Won’t you be seated please. Thank you.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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