understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Demand the annihilation of all doubt and fear! Just accept Us and accept that We do love you! Accept that We are Real! Experiment with Our Calls! Visualize their fulfillment, and Reality must appear for you! Then you can go forward, and by your own Conscious Command, such as you’ve given tonight, cause the removal from the Earth of things that have tortured you for centuries – and tortured the mass of mankind. You have to have Power to do that My Dear Ones, because the sinister force is heavily energized.

But when you call forth Our Immortal Power, it means that whatever amount of Power you call forth at any one time, that becomes anchored there for all Eternity. That becomes active for you in that capacity. Wherever you move, that is around you. It is a Divine Gift, indescribable in words.

Only as you see Its Tremendous Action, only as you know Its Cosmic Power, only as you experiment with what It can do for you, will you have some glimpse into the Heights of Our Attainment and into the Realms of the Powerhouse of God.

Charge yourselves with Our Immortal Power and with the Immortal Love of the Angels of Blue Flame. I am charging you tonight to replace the energy you have sent forth, and that is your Gift for Eternity. Demand the Immortal Power of Our Love! It can fill you with Its Strength and Energy. It can expand through you Its various Powers of Action, because It contains Powers, as well as Power.

On the instant, if you get the feeling of this, you would be able to do many things that you have never done before in the way of Transcendent Activities, because Love – being the Great Treasure House of the Mighty Gifts of Life from the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the Great Central Sun – that Love can release to you at any moment the capacity and the way and means of doing things that produce greater Perfection for you. But they would be perfectly natural because they would be within your own Life.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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