understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We have called on you many times, but you didn’t hear Us! Do you know why the sinister force gets your attention so many times, and We don’t? Because it makes you so uncomfortable in your feeling that you keep the attention on the discomfort. Isn’t that so?

All right, now you come to Us, and you want to be comfortable, then draw the Sacred Fire of Our Love, and you demand Our Elohim Mastery over this World. You demand Our Elohim Mastery over everything in this World blaze Its Sacred Fire Love into you and into everything around you, and you will become so comfortable in That, that you won’t want to listen to the sinister force. And the more comfortably you desire to live, the more Power We can exert to flood you with Our Perfection.

So, if We can have your attention upon the Comfort and the Peace and the Love of Our Sacred Fire Mastery, if We can have your attention, We can pour It into you and your world. So, when the discord knocks at your front door, if I were you I would say, “I’m in conference”, and you’re not available to the destructive forces. I’m quite sure you will profit by the experience.

So, Blessed Ones, just accept Our Love tonight. Oh, We are so willing to give you everything. We so want you free from distress. We want to spend Our Time and Energy flooding your beings and worlds with Perfection that’s to be here forever. So come, give Us your attention, and let Us reward you for your willingness to draw into this World that which will bless Life for Eternity.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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