understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, Our Octave is the Master Presence of the Sacred Fire’s Love where only Perfection exists; and therefore, if you are going to master conditions in this World, if you are going to be Master over them instead of having to live under them, you are going to have to use that word “Mastery”. But don’t in the outer let the human say, “Well, I’m going to master this thing!” And the first thing the sinister force says is, “Oh, is that so? Well, now we’ll see who has got the most energy!” And then the battle royal is on.

But when you call Our Sacred Fire, Our Elohim Mastery, and Its Sacred Fire Power to control all in this World, that’s a wholly different thing. Do you know why? Because the sinister force doesn’t want to meet Us, and We are in that Sacred Fire. That’s Our Life! That’s Our Control! That’s Our Authority! That’s Our Power! They don’t want to meet Us.

So, if you want to live in Our World, and you want Us to live with you, We have already abided with you all through these centuries by the Sevenfold Flame in your forehead. You have had Part of Our Life within you. You have had the Sacred Fire from your “Presence”, the Electronic Body; that Sacred Fire is in your own Heart.

So now if you want the world around you Our Mastery of the Sacred Fire’s Love and Blessings without limit, you use your authority. You exert your feeling and love for Our Perfection. You issue the Command, and We lower the Fulfillment of your Call into your outer experience and for your use. And you can be clothed in This, while the sinister force must pass you by.

I so want to relieve you of your problems, your struggle, and the strain, and the things that are imposed upon you, Precious Ones. If you could see sometimes what comes into your world through radiation alone, just through conditions in which you pass, you would arise with a fierce determination to have your Freedom, from which nothing could turn you aside. So, just be happy children, and come and live with Us, and We will come and live with you.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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