Grateful Day, Everyone…

Whitney M Young quote 3

“Very Great Cosmic Activities have taken place in the northern part of South America, throughout America, through southern Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. These are particular Points or Focuses; and while the results are not yet complete, it is the only reason why We should withhold the Information describing the activity to you.

Again, may I refer to your own humble efforts! These conditions, even certain Activities of the Cosmic Light would have been absolutely impossible to release, had it not been for these Mighty “I AM” Decrees sent forth by the mass of the Students! May you rejoice forever in your part of that Service.

In the Fullness of that Light, that Authority, that Energy which It is Mine to convey and control, I charge your beings and worlds, your activity with Perfection of Our Light, which knows no opposition! May you be able to accept It today and feel Its ever-expanding Activity in your Life, in your activity, in your homes and your world!

Try not to battle anything in the future, but rather in the Great Calm Serenity of your “I AM Presence”, call It forth into action to govern all things; and let this Light which I charge forth into your feeling world and activity today, do Its Perfect Work for you. This is a very Tangible thing, quite as Tangible as if I precipitated a Garment to you to wear and to use – quite as Tangible!

Therefore, in My Humble Endeavor to give Assistance today, remember – “Victory” is My Name! Victory is the Power which goes forth into your feeling world, to remain there ever active! Will you accept It and let the Power of Victory act in your world, to produce these results you require? I trust you will. I want to give that Assistance! I am quite able to give It. Therefore, according to your acceptance, be It unto you!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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