Grateful Day, Everyone…

Harriet Tubman quote 3

“Precious Ones, now remember My Words – every one of you will come to a point where you will all of a sudden, some day in your Call, feel the Energy from your “Presence” surge forth so you will think you are going to burst – because It is a Tremendous Release! Then is the time to say: “Hold on now! Wait a minute! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command here! Release that in the proper manner and see that I do not get excited about it.”

Then you are governing the flow of this Energy! It is the most important thing in your Life right now, because you will find that Energy surging in every one of you! There is not one who has been here throughout this Class who will not feel that, so I am prompting you to govern it!
If you had a great volume of water behind a dam, and you just wanted to use that for irrigation, you would release just the amount you wanted, would you not? But suppose you pulled the whole gate out and let it all out at once, what would you do afterwards?

This Great Energy which you are calling forth in purifying and charging your feeling world, the large percent of it yet needs to stay there! Then as you gain this, when something wants to come forth, or an achievement before you need this Energy, you can say, “Now go and do your Perfect Work”; and just as straight as you point your finger to an object, will go that Energy in the Full Volume to accomplish whatever is needed!

That is what every one of you need to do in calling forth and holding that Great Energy in and about you, so when the necessity arrives, you can release it to do whatever is required. Why do you suppose I am prompting you today to do this? Because the time is not far distant when you may need it!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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