understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Our use of the Sevenfold Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim, and Our Love from the Great Central Sun, is the only Way and Means Life provides for the mankind who embody in this World to be purified and raised and fulfill the Divine Plan to enter into the Ascended Masters’ Octave and leave the mistakes of human creation forever consumed in this World; and the World, purified, becomes filled with the Ascended Masters’ Perfection of Eternity. Only the Sacred Fire Love can fill it with that Perfection.

Blessed Ones, I simply offer It to you tonight for your use if you will call It into outer physical conditions; but first of all, fill yourselves with It, because you must become It.

Then give It to the rest of Life; and you will find your pathway illumined and clear, and the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan will bring Blessings to you and the rest of Life wherever you go, and you are no longer held in the distress of outer world conditions.

I commend you to That which the Mighty Saint Germain has opened the Door for you to have by the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, to consume everything that is a barrier between Our Sacred Fire Love and the love in your own Heart, and the Sacred Fire Love of your “Mighty I AM Presence”; and if you will let It come through, you can be at Peace. You can give that Peace to others; and wherever you go, Purity takes the place of mankind’s evil.

I hope you want to be a part of Our Victory and Mastery over everything in this World that is not the Ascended Masters’ Way of Life for Eternity.

I clothe you in the Miracle Mantle of My Sacred Fire Love of the Seven Mighty Elohim; and may It hold you in Its Heart and make you feel Its Peace for Eternity; and Power without limit is then yours to use in outer world conditions, till your Victory is everywhere forever! Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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