understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“From tonight, if you’ll feel Me closer and closer within and around yourselves, you will give Me an Opportunity to call forth the Elohim Angels; and you’ll find the Star Angels are very Real, Tangible Beings, whose Perfection and Power are Indescribable. Only as you see Them and feel Their Love, and feel Them control physical conditions around you, only as you see that, can you realize how Great They are; and I want you to become acquainted with Them.

If the outer world doesn’t believe it, that’s just too bad. That’s the outer world’s mistake, that’s all. We have these Blessings to give! They’re in the Universe. They are the Divine Plan fulfilled, and mankind cannot get Free without Them.

The Blessed Jesus and the Beloved Mary came! They took away the hate and the doubt and the fear from a certain proportion of mankind, in order to leave in the atmosphere of Earth the record of the Destiny of Life, and the Attainment that each Life Stream could reach up and enter into, for Freedom from discord. Beloved Master Jesus set the Eternal Etheric Record! Beloved Saint Germain gave the Violet Consuming Flame to purify the human creation that enslaves mankind to the second death.

And I come to bring the Herculean Love that can clear the way inside of you and, if you will use It, clear the way through you and around you and let your own “Beloved I AM Presence” pour forth into you Its Victory of Eternity, until there blazes through you everything that gives you the Ascension, because It has consumed everything that is of limitation or delay.

In your own Victory you can offer that same Assistance to the rest of Life; and when you don’t want the rest of Life to be Free, you’ll be bound in distress until you do, because you can’t have Freedom unless you give It! You can’t have Love unless you give It! You can’t have the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan unless you help to fulfill that Divine Plan for the rest of Life.”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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