Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 278

“May I say something most encouraging? My Dear Ones, observing the Activity of This Light for five years and seeing the achievement here, it is the Greatest Encouragement to Us in the Continued Expansion of the Light in mankind; and It will expand and continue, until the Full Volume which We require is released.

I rejoice with you in your willingness to serve the Light, and in your Great Loving Gratitude to the Messengers, Saint Germain, and to Life. Oh, My Dear Ones, I appreciate your Great Love for the Messengers, but one day when you see what they really have meant to America and the World, then will your Gratitude be great indeed.

Today, to find the Response to the Light from the people of America is a Magnificent Attainment. I congratulate you, I thank you, I bless you for your interest, for your determination to have Freedom of Life! Go on, My Beloved Children, and We will give you every Assistance which is possible to be given.

Remember Blessed Ones, We shall be watching over you! We shall be standing ready, to give you every Assistance for which you will earnestly call.

May you remember, that for the Victory of the Light in your city, you must have Harmony. There must be Love to one another; your willingness to put human qualities aside, and join, as One Great Point of Light, for the Blessing of mankind in America! I feel definitely sure, that every one of you will rejoice greatly to give this Obedience to Life.

May the Powers of Light lift you quickly into Its Final – Its Eternal Freedom, Its Perfect Health, and the GLORY OF THE LIGHT BE IN FULL COMMAND OF EVERY ONE, to produce Its Harmony and Perfection everywhere for you forever! I thank you.” – The Great Divine Director

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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