understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Blessed Ones, if you’ll remember Me as the Power, the Sacred Fire Power and Electronic Force of the Sacred Fire Love of the Seven Mighty Elohim and the Great Central Sun, and as your Guarding Presence of your intellect, the Guarding Presence of your physical structure of the brain; Our Love, Sacred Fire Love, is the Guarding Presence of your own Heart’s Flame within your physical flesh body.

Now, just because the medical world can’t dig out Our Flame and put It in a laboratory somewhere, doesn’t mean We are not in existence.
Somebody is going to learn something besides what the physical sight at the present time can behold; and I want you to use This for the sake of proving to yourself that there is a Flame in your Heart. You know there’s Life in your Heart that beats it, but you don’t know that that Flame is there until you see It.

And I hope every one of you has the same experience this Messenger had when she saw that Flame come forth at least a foot in extent, six to eight inches wide; and It was there for twenty minutes to half an hour, on a streetcar in broad daylight when she was thoroughly awake. I want you to have that, because you won’t know completely what It is till you see It and have It within yourself, and you watch It expand.

Then you know what you are! You are That! I want you to have that experience, because It’s Harmonious. It is Constructive! It is Illumining! It is Victorious! It is the Perfection of Life, and every human being in existence can have It; and I want you to see the Sevenfold Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim in your own brain structure as well.

The day you realize that the Inner Activities of your Life are the Sacred Fire Love and Purity of Eternity, and are Indestructible, you won’t fear anything in this World. You will know you are That; and That’s the Master Presence of all Creation!”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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