understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is something else I wish to bring to your attention and show you how far down through the centuries has come some recognition of Me. The thought of Hercules as the giant of Power has not died in the minds of men. They have portrayed Me rather amusingly sometimes. I do not look like some of the pictures they have drawn – thank Heaven; but that was their idea in those pictures, not My Appearance. I hope before too long, you may have My Likeness, and I trust I will not disappoint you, or the picture will not. It represents some of My Activities with the Fire Element.

Each one of the Seven Mighty Elohim has a definite Service to perform naturally to the Earth, yet each one uses Unlimited Power, Unlimited Energy. Each one has all the Qualities of each other, but one is paramount; for each one is a special Service which that Life Stream offers.

So, as the Elohim of Peace said to you that the Power of Peace is necessary in the outer, so do I say to you in every constructive quality that you call forth, you must have some action of the Blue Ray within it, or you don’t have any energy to make it act.

If you will call for My Sevenfold Blue Flame to strengthen every quality within you that is constructive, and to protect every quality that is constructive, then I will be able to bless you more powerfully than ever before.

Remember, a direct Flame from My Heart is anchored within the forehead of every human being on this Earth, and through that Flame I have given you from the beginning, the Blessings of My Life Stream.”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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