understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones, when you want My Herculean Protection, it is tantamount to saying you want My Herculean Love to stand between you and the destruction of the outer world; and if you ask for My Love, you shall always receive It! I have never once ever refused It to any part of Life. And so shall you, one day, know the Glory of Its Power by using the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love.

When you think you need things of this World, when imperfection appears, you will call that Power into action, and you will forever remain untouched by the destructive forces of this World. You have nothing to fear from tonight.

Send your love to your “Presence” and to Us, to that Great Central Sun Magnet; and that Love is Master over this World! If you ask for that Central Sun Magnet’s Love to come in and through and around you as your Deliverer come, hate cannot approach, hate cannot live within, hate cannot manifest in your world; and there is nothing so Supreme as that Love which is your own “Precious I AM Presence”, and the Life of the Great Central Sun, The Life of the Ascended Masters in Their Great Octave of Beauty and Perfection. And that Love, that Power, that Life is Freedom!

May It clothe you tonight with the ever-present reminder that the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love, ever pouring back in answer to you, is your Solution for every problem in this World. Try Me out and let Us go forward and teach Life everywhere to love the Great Source, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, that gives us all. Thank you with that Love tonight.”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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