understanding the “i am’…that is you…

“People do not understand the Magnificent Power and all the Blessings that can come to the outer self by just pouring love to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, and to the Great Central Sun, and to your Physical Sun!

Can you imagine wholly Perfect, Divine Beings of Cosmic Life’s Perfection not answering your love? If you give your love There, could there be such a condition that that “Presence” would not send Love back to you in Answer?

Don’t you consider it just an ordinary conventionality of life in this world, when someone does something for you, you say, “Thank you.” You acknowledge that, do you not? Well, do you think We are any less polite than you are? If you sent Us your love, wouldn’t We say, “Thank you”, and give you Our Love back in return, when We are watching the Earth and rendering the Service that purifies it and raises it to luminosity!

And that is another thing I want you to understand. If you want to make the flesh bodies luminous, then there must come your Call to your “Presence”, and to the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love to reveal Itself through your flesh as Light, because that Love can produce any manifestation in this World – that is, any Quality that is producing Perfection.

If you want that Light’s Love to manifest in you as Strength and Power and Health and Courage, then that Love would come into you and make you feel those Qualities. If you want the flesh luminous, then that Love – you send your love first – then that Central Sun Magnet’s Love, coming back into you, would manifest as Light!

So do you not see, It contains all Qualities within Itself – all Power, all Supply, all Intelligence; and if you want it to manifest as Protection, It would produce and condense a Substance around you harder than steel. It might be invisible to the physical sight, but It would be so terrific in Its Concentrated Action that destruction could not come through.

Now, supposing you want to illumine the atmosphere about you. If you sent your love for that Manifestation to your “Presence” and to Us, and to the Great Central Sun Magnet, and ask that the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love come down and around you in the atmosphere about you as Luminosity, It would soon begin to show in the atmosphere about you.

Of course, I won’t be responsible for the questions that would be asked you – not at all – if you do that! But you could also call to your “Blessed I AM Presence” through your love, and if questions were asked, ask your “Presence” to answer them!”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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