understanding the “i am’…that is you…

“The Beloved Saint Germain told you that energy through use becomes Power. Energy becomes Power through use! Then, if you take the energy of the outer self, and through love and devotion to your “I AM Presence” you give that love, you give the energy of your love to your “Presence”, what do you think would be the Answer of your “Presence” to you? Wouldn’t It shower you with more Love? Most certainly!

Then Its Great Power of the Central Sun Magnet, Its Love flowing into the conditions of your world would, with Its Drawing Power, raise them into better and better and better conditions. So will it be with you when you teach other people to love that “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host.

Just teach them to experiment with sending love to that which is greater than themselves and let them experience for themselves what their love to the greater Life draws back to them, as the greater Power to change their conditions into something that is Permanent Perfection.

Now, since I have the Strength and the Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love to the Earth to release Power that mankind can scarcely comprehend, then I want you to understand that Power always, which I give through Radiation, as the Love from the Great Central Sun Magnet; for I give It to you from My Life and My Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love, to be the Raising Power of My Life’s Love to you, to lift you out of connection with that which has not been qualified with Love.

Therefore, when you have called forth the Invincible Honor Flame of God’s Great Cosmic Heart of Eternal Love, that is an Actual Flame that is drawn forth from the Great Central Sun Magnet. That Great Power of the Magnet as It pours Its Love to the Earth to raise all into greater Power, then your love to your “I AM Presence” and that Great Central Sun Magnet – form the Raising Power of this World.

And you simply complete the circuit or the flow of that Flame from your Heart’s Life to that Life; and that Life comes down here to this Life, and It lifts the substance and the energy of the outer world into the Perfection of Our Octave. You can’t have the Perfection of the Ascended Masters’ Octave without the Understanding and Action of that Great Central Sun Magnet.

That is the reason the Beloved Master Jesus gave you the Instruction of that Great Central Sun Magnet, and said to you, “The more you use It, the more will you understand It, and the more will Its Power act for you!””

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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