Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 265

“Will you for just a few moments accept Our Outpouring now? First, the Radiance will be spread over the audience; and then out of that Radiance, will come the Currents which each Individual requires. Let all spend perhaps two minutes in silence, so this Radiance may have Its opportunity to flow in and assist you.


My Dear Ones, it is positively remarkable how you are able to still yourselves. I mean by that, not just the physical part of you, but the feeling world which is more important. I congratulate you with all My Heart. It shows what you can do! I wish you to see, Beloved Ones, what your cooperation in obedience to Our Requests means to you. It means everything in Life in the Attainment of its Perfection.

While I have been rendering this Service, the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Peace, and the Goddess of Purity, whose combined Outpouring makes a Certain Concentration of Power, are enthroned above you, pouring out Their Radiance! Their Currents of Energy went forth thru this Radiance and spread over the audience, to render Their Service!

Please do not try to explain to yourself how It was; what It was; or anything about It. Just accept It, and I assure you, We will do the rest.
In some of these things, you cannot be of assistance, except to give your Full Acceptance; because you do not understand and Our Words would not cause you to understand how to be of any special assistance, for We are the Doers. Just let Us do that which We know is essential; and do not allow your intellect to wonder anything about it!” – The Great Divine Director

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