understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now in the business world, there is so much filth in many offices and outer world activities that just holds people bound to slavery and disaster and destruction and lack and limitation.

Whenever these things come to your attention, make this Call. And if you want to call It forth as the Great Central Sun’s Heart Flame of Fiery Christ Blue-Lightning Indestructible Purity into those conditions and increase It until that which is wrong has been consumed, you will find many conditions improving in outer world business channels that certainly need to be purified for everybody’s Blessing.

You cannot do anything but have greater and greater Blessing by calling This forth, both around yourselves and into outer physical conditions, wherever you pass, even the structure of the Earth. Call forth the Great Central Sun’s Heart Flame’s Love of such Indestructible Purity that It is planted, so to speak, into the Structure of Earth, to consume everything that is of discord; and you can be a Blessing to Life everywhere you move.

But to make you feel the greater Protection of your own Mighty Magic Electronic Tube of Cosmic Light-Substance, keep acknowledging It as the Diamond-Shining Substance from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, because you don’t provide that Substance from the physical world. That comes from your “Beloved I AM Presence”, or the Ascended Masters. Call Its Diamond-Shining Substance of Indestructible Purity that will not let anything human come through; and I tell you, Precious Ones, you can have Power unlimited if you will remember to do this.

Now if you will accept this, it will make the accomplishment very much quicker and, I am sure, more comfortable for you; and that is to charge your own memories with the Ascended Masters’ Diamond-Shining Memory of Indestructible, Protecting Perfection. And if you will use It, you won’t follow the habit of the outer world’s loss of memory. You will not become senile. You will not become incapacitated. You will not become part of the outer world’s barnacles of incapacity because the outer self has simply accepted, accepted, accepted limitation and distress.

Don’t let the habit remain within you, of every time you can’t think, saying, “Well, I can’t remember.” Well, you’d better remember the Source from whence you came, or you’ll never be Free! And you can charge yourselves with such Ascended Master Diamond-Shining Memory of Indestructible Purity, that no destructive thing can be imposed upon your consciousness by any destructive activity for any reason whatsoever. This will clear every faculty of the mind.

You can do the same thing in your feeling. Command your feeling to be filled with the Diamond-Shining, Indestructible Purity of the Love from the Great Central Sun that manifests Perfection throughout infinite space! You can have This! It is in existence. All It asks is your Call from the physical octave, because We may not intrude on your Free Will.

If you will call of your own Free Will for Indestructible Purity in, through, and around all you contact, We can establish It in the Mightiest Power that you could ever require, and greater than mankind has ever known, past or present. It’s yours for use, free as the air you breathe! (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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