understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are making this Call and giving you this Explanation for more than just your own personal convenience and Mastery and Victory of the Ascension.

This World – no matter what the problem is that has to be solved, every problem in this World can only be solved by placing within it enough Sacred Fire Indestructible Purity, to allow that which is constructive to unite, and become the Manifestation of the perfection that fulfills the Divine Plan, so that as soon as you set the habit of calling night and morning, and in the middle of the day – it only takes an instant – but when you call into outer physical conditions the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Love’s Indestructible Purity, you will consume the destructive conditions that have been generated by hate.

You will consume the destructive etheric records; and in that consuming there will continually build within and around you the Indestructible Purity of Cosmic Light-Substance from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, that is Crystal Clear. It’s just like sunshine on diamonds; and It is so hard no destructive thing can ever come through it.

If you will do this – and remember, whenever you think of your Mighty Magic Electronic Tube of Cosmic Light-Substance, and you qualify That as the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Loves’s Indestructible Purity, the Diamond-Shining Substance from the Ascended Masters’ Octave that is so blazing with Its Indestructible Purity that no one can see who abides within, that is, no destructive activity.

Therefore, It becomes for you not only greater and greater Protection, but It is continually in action, repelling and consuming destructive forces around you. And you will find, one day, That becomes a Sun-Presence, or an Oval of Dazzling Light-Substance around you, in which you can move anywhere you please. It lights your way. It is a Reservoir of Indestructible Power, Power that nothing human can oppose.

If I can get you to set this habit, I will armor you from tonight with a Power that you will never understand, until you use It and become It. And then you will begin to realize and feel, really, what Freedom is; and you never will feel completely free until this Blazing Sacred Fire’s Indestructible Purity becomes an Eternal Part of your Life Stream, expands Its Flame without limit, stands around you Its Cosmic Light-Substance, and continues to repel and consume the hordes of evil wherever you might pass by.

It is Power, My Dear Ones, without limit. And when you just keep calling forth whatever Indestructible Purity of the Sacred Fire consumes every destructive etheric record, the Cosmic Law not only consumes it within you first, but It will consume the destructive etheric records in the structure of the Earth that have been concentrated here from centuries past, of mankind’s frightful conditions generated by war.”

Beloved Elohim of Purity

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