understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will continually call to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, periodically during the day – you don’t need to sit in contemplation upon It all the time – call for It before you go to sleep at night; acknowledge It and demand It when you awaken in the morning. Then in the midst of outer world conditions, remember It, so It can come forth as a Flash of Flame into a mistake or a problem, or conditions of the outer world, and consume the impurity; and if It consumes the impurity, It will consume the thing that causes the limitation or the distress by the problem.

But destructive etheric records must be consumed by the Sacred Fire, if Purity is to take their place and produce Manifestation that is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan, or that is constructive for mankind’s use anywhere in the physical world.

Now this has tremendous blessing and effect upon your health! People do not fill themselves with the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Purifying Love or Indestructible Purity! Every time something is of discord on the outer self, the attention and the habit, past and present, of mankind’s acceptance of limitation and distress, is the first reaction to the awareness of that distress by your intellect, or by your feeling.

So, no matter what is wrong, someday, sometime, somewhere, it must be consumed by the Sacred Fire’s Indestructible Purifying Love. Your Violet Consuming Flame is That! Your Unfed Flame is Love, Wisdom, and Power held forever within the Indestructible Purity of the Great Central Sun. The Sevenfold Flames of the Seven Mighty Elohim are all Purifying Love from the Great Central Sun!

No matter what Quality you want, no matter what Power you want to use in the physical world, form the habit of recognizing, first, the Sacred Fire’s Love of Indestructible Purity.

And if you will charge This into anything and everything you contact, there will come such Freedom to you, such Blessings, and such relief from limitations as I cannot put into words, until you begin to use It.

Form the habit when there seems to be a sudden battle between individuals – whether it be controversy or just general opposition – whenever you are aware of it, call instantly to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host to flash their Diamond-Shining Indestructible Purity that controls it!

And My Dear Ones, you can be such a Blessing to Life. You can have such Power to use in the unascended state to correct conditions down here, that you can only understand as you use It. And then you become It; and wherever you go, We could pour forth through you more and more of that Sacred Fire’s Indestructible Purity to consume conditions when you pass by, and you not even know that that consuming takes place. We can flash that in and around you into conditions in the atmosphere that are invisible to you, and yet they are destructive.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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