understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you want to build as We do, and if you want Our Love with which to build, if you want Our Protection to that which you build through Love, and you want it to render its service to Life to help beautify the Planet, the sky is the limit! There is nobody in the physical octave that can offer you That! They might think they could give you the sky, but they can’t.

As you make up your minds as to what you want to do, set your pattern, and get the Picture clear, then love that Picture with all your Heart, with all your mind, with all your feeling, with all the energy of your being! Command in the Name and Authority of your “Mighty I AM Presence”! Demand It come into the outer manifestation by the Authority and Power of the Mightiest Cosmic Christ Love of all Creation.

Then ask Us, as the Seven Mighty Builders, to stand the Guard, to see that what you build is built perfectly, that it renders a tremendous service, it never can produce anything but happiness for all concerned; and it’s worthy of everything you will ever have, all the rest of Eternity, to give it, to expand it, to protect it, and pour forth through it that which blesses your fellowman.

And then, now this might seem that you are going to be busy for a long while ahead; but you might just as well know that it is part of your business now to remember that every city that is to be sustained into the future, and all the new ones that are to come forth, you will have to have some hand in the building.

You might have many Cities of Light to be built; and if you practice and do this present service well, who are you to say what We will give you? Who are you to say what We will draw forth for your use that does not yet exist in the physical octave?

Love is not limited! Life is not limited! Energy is not limited! Consciousness is not limited, at least Ours isn’t and We are trying to give you Ours in the place of yours. Now, it’s more than an even trade, but if you will give Us yours, We’ll give you Ours. But We aren’t going to use yours! We’re going to put it in the Violet Flame.

So that’s My Way of purifying your mental body; and if you will give Us your feelings of disturbance and distress and limitation, We’ll give you Our Feelings of the Love of the Cosmic Christ! Now, that’s another trade! This is a business proposition today. We are going into business together, aren’t we? We are the Builders, and you are the builders. We might be the Architects, but you will have to handle the bricks; but don’t throw them at each other!

We want you to go forward like happy children and build with freedom, but with a confidence that Love alone can bestow, and you will know what Mastery is. You might just as well know it now, as ten years from now, or fifty years.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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