understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I plead with you, and when you give your Decrees, give them with happiness and joy, and a fierce determination to have that Perfection; or get your rest first, and then give them. But don’t drag around, one foot after the other, and then expect your Decrees fulfilled, and wonder why Perfection doesn’t manifest.

Now I am going to say something, because We are going to stress this several times. It’s quite necessary that new people coming into the Activity understand this; and those who have been in the Activity, if it has been a habit, well, correct it, that’s all; and that is to please watch the tone of your voice. Please watch the quality that you put into your voice; and as you live and breathe and want anything decent, for Heaven’s sake, stop a whine in the voice! There is nothing so irritating, there is nothing such a wide-open negative invitation to the whole sinister force, as a whine in the voice. It’s irritating to the nerves, It is a let-down in the energy. It’s wholly negative; and it has no business to be in the Universe, that’s all!

Now, the tones of the voice that heal, the tones of the voice that are positive, that do the things that are worthwhile doing, are in the middle register; and those of you who sing, We will experiment with you someday, and show you by actual experience inside of your own selves, the difference in the vibratory action of those middle tones in your voice, and the deeper tones; and the effect of the high shrill tones.

We can show you this on the tape recorders. We can show them to you on your bells, or anything else. And if the Student Body will remember this, your words will carry a lot more power. You will speak with greater conviction, and you will be far more convincing to people of the outer world in anything you want to accomplish, if you will remember this. So far as your singing voices are concerned, they will improve tremendously if you can keep a good, positive, happy register or quality going into the middle register of your voices.

You can heal, sometimes, by one spoken word. The moment people become irritated or angry, the voice rises. When it rises, it becomes shrill. Anger manifests always in the high register, and you never heard anybody give a command that others obeyed that they didn’t speak in the lower tones of the voice.

Now, these are just mechanical things that will help you to keep shut out the conditions that are irritating in the outer world; and as “I AM” Ascended Master Youth, if you will make up your minds now what you actually want to do at your Headquarters, and you will call to Us – remember, the Seven Mighty Elohim are the Builders of the System. We still know how to build; you’d be surprised! And We don’t build anything that isn’t beautiful; We don’t build anything that couldn’t be sustained forever, and what We build is Our Gift to you.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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