understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We have found that all through the centuries; and the outer world hasn’t done anything except to experiment with misery ever since the end of the second Golden Age. Every time a Great Being of Light has come and given a Transcendent Gift, most of the time He or She has been persecuted or crucified, or next door to it, during the lifetime; and then later on things have been reversed.

But you will find the outer world will not offer you one thing but misery, distress, and limitation, if you don’t stand and clothe yourselves in the Cosmic Christ Love from the Great Central Sun, and then blaze that Light into the world around you, so that you build your world out here according to the Perfection of the Law!

Then, if you fill your world with the Mighty Christ Love of your “I AM Presence” and from Our Octave, well then, your Electronic Circle – which is your world, your Sphere of Life – becomes filled with Our Perfection and Our Power, to help you accomplish anything you require to live in this World, and still go forth to your Victory and your Freedom. But if a thing is going to live in your world, Precious Ones, it either lives by your Life, or it doesn’t live.

Just make up your mind, whatever you want to do or manifest in the outer life has to live by your Life, or it is not in your world; and you should think deeply upon that to which you want to give your Life.

Everything in your Electronic Circle, everything in your world of affairs, either lives because you put your energy into it, which is your Life – and your Life is the Love from your “Presence”, and your “Presence” is the Love and the Flame from the Great Central Sun.

Therefore, whatever you want to do in the outer, you may do because Love is All-Powerful; but you have to give it your attention and pour that energy into it, qualified with Cosmic Christ Love, and the Ascended Masters’ Perfection, if it is to be sustained or expanded, because unless it is Perfection, it is not worthy to exist in the Universe, and We cannot give Our Energy to something that is not constructive. That’s self-evident! We cannot use discordant energy. We cannot use tired energy!”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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