understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You can cut your way in the midst of a veritable jungle by this Conscious Command to Life, because it isn’t your outer self that is doing all this. You let the “Presence” come in, or the Higher Mental Body blaze Its Flame and Its Light Rays into the outer self; and those Light Rays go before you to clear the conditions that otherwise would be your human struggle.

And if you will armor yourselves with Our Eternal, Invincible Purity, and Our Authority of Freedom to the Earth, Our Authority of the Cosmic Christ, which means the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the Great Central Sun, that Authority manifests as a Flame always.

You shall be armored in That! Your “I AM” Ascended Master Youth Headquarters can be filled with It. Your own individual business activities can be so charged with It, day after day. You can demand the increase of It a thousandfold every hour, or every day; and if you stand and charge and give your Life into That, qualified that way, that’s the way Life will come back to you.

And all it takes is the removal of your attention, the disconnection of your attention from the discordant conditions, or the limitations of the outer world long enough to give the Command; and then you go about your business, and you will find that Wave of Light has gone before you and will do what you, on the physical side, cannot do.

We are determined, Precious Ones, to make you the Victory for which We call. We are not going to let down one second on the “I AM” Ascended Master Youth, because We will guard you, provided you are through experimenting with misery in the outer world.

If you don’t believe Us, if you don’t believe We are Real, if you don’t want to obey this Law, well, that’s quite all right with Us. Go to the outer world. Suffer it out as long as you please; that’s your privilege, with which We have no desire to interfere – except when you get miserable enough, I think you will remember Us. You usually do.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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