understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you are right and you know you are right, take your Stand; and as We have reminded you again and again, don’t side-step an issue and don’t hedge. When people ask you a direct question, give a direct answer; and if you don’t, you are just caught in this outer world thing. The outer world has so long thought it could hide something; and people don’t hide a thing, Dear Ones.

That old human intellect, it is so hypnotized, self-hypnotized by its own imaginary power, which is but temporary energy because it has no eternally sustained supply of energy. It has imagined so long that it can hide something. It has gone on and on in its brazen conceit and gotten into deeper distress all the time.

People think they hide things from others. They may not tell them, and they may fawn upon somebody else; but underneath, if it’s in the feeling world – you are standing in each other’s atmosphere, and your feeling world extends for at least a radius of fifty feet around the physical body in every direction; so, anybody that stands in your feeling world feels your feeling. Therefore, there is no such thing as fooling the “Presence”, or fooling the Law, or fooling Us.

The intellect has preferred to fool itself, but it really hasn’t fooled the people around the individual. People become sensitive to these things; and don’t you know discord, when you step into somebody’s atmosphere who is angry? They may not say a word, but don’t you know it? Don’t you feel it when you come near? Well, so does everybody else feel you.

If somebody has got a wrong motive, sooner or later it reveals itself. And if you will stand with that Call for the All-Seeing Eye of God, the All-Knowing Mind of God, the Almighty Light of God to command, and know that you are, at all times, illumined by the Mighty Ascended Masters’ Cosmic Pure Mind of God, and there is nothing hidden that is not revealed to you that you need to know to hold Invincible Protection for what is constructive, to fulfill the Divine Plan the Ascended Masters’ Way, and expand It; and to give the Assistance to all who want to try and serve the Light.

Now, if you will do this and go on as if the sinister force didn’t exist, except to shut it out every time there is a temporary appearance, you will go forward, Precious Ones.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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